Tonight, we played our first real match in the DoTA-league against the serbian team, Hard 2 get. The match was best of 2, and all the new heroes were banned.

w00p 1:1 h2g
w00p]BigL - h2g.PokiTheGosu
w00p]HyaC - h2g.Dweomer
w00p]HeyaY - h2g.zigi.
w00p]ThomasD - h2g.Poison
w00p]MomZi - h2g.Sly

Bans: h2g w00p
Roof Silencer
Nerubian Warlock
Magnus Rexxar

Picks: h2g w00p
First pick Priestess -
- SK / Leshrac
Lina / Leoric -
- Tidehunter / 
Sven / Maiden -
Last pick:s - Queen

h2g (Sentinel) 1:0 w00p (Scourge)
PokiTheGosu - BigL
Dweomer - HyaC
zigi. - HeyaY
Poison - ThomasD
Sly - MomZi

Bans: w00p h2g
Sven Roof
Priestess Nerubian
Rexxar Silencer

Picks: w00p h2g
First pick Magnus -
- Tiny / Lich
Necrolyte / Nevermore -
- Queen / Axe
Sniper / Slayer -
Last pick:s - Maiden

w00p (Sentinel) 1:0 h2g (Scourge)
BigL - PokiTheGosu
HyaC - Dweomer
HeyaY - zigi.
ThomasD - Poison
MomZi - Sly

It all ended draw 1:1 with us being dominated in the first game, and coming out on the top in the second game. Nice comeback by us, and we look very much forward to the next game against the international team, oSoK

GL & HF !

- w00p]NiTRo


Welcome to - Finally, the homepage for team w00p is up!

Team w00p is a danish DoTA team with high ambitions of winning everything we can. At the moment the clan consists 11 members ready to dominate the DoTA-scene. Those are:

w00p]HyaC (Team Leader)
w00p]NiTRo (Webmaster)

We also have a forum up. Currently, its an ugly invisionfree php forum, but in there you can CHALLENGE us to a clanwar. The homepage is still under construction and that means that several links dont work. 

We also have a TS2-channel. The adress for it is - to get the password, ask a clanmember. 

- w00p]NiTRo


We are doing great in the Dota-league!

We have just won our first match against Legendary Demolition Team, by not playing at all. They didnt show up. We therefore share the first place in the group so far:

The placements in Dota-League, division 5p:
1. oSoK, 1M/1W/0D/0L/3P
1. YaH, 1M/1W/0D/0L/3P
1. JusT, 1M/1W/0D/0L/3P
1. look, 1M/1W/0D/0L/3P
1. w00p, 1M/1W/0D/0L/3P

6. TRD, 1M/0W/1D/0L/1P
6. TTNT, 1M/0W/1D/0L/1P
7. h2g, 1M/0W/0W/1L/0P
7. LTD, 1M/0W/0W/1L/0P
7. DtD, 1M/0W/0W/1L/0P
7. JPEG, 1M/0W/0W/1L/0P

We are looking forward to our first 'real' match on next sunday, the 16th of March against the serbian team, Hard 2 Get. The serbian team was wooped seriously in the butt with no chance to win in the last round by the european team oSoK.    

GL & HF.

- w00p]NiTRo

 Team w00p

@Clan w00p

Division 5p 


Most of the members of team w00p live near the city of Frederiksberg, Copenhagen in Denmark .

Close Netcafés:

Axeltorv 1
1609 København V